Stacey Leah Mewse

Stacey Leah Mewse was born in 1987 in the old roman town of Chichester in West Sussex in the UK. She is a non-identical twin and is the younger of the two by just one minute. She spent her early years near the seaside town of Bognor Regis, and moved to Cambridge at a young age. By the time she was starting school she and her family had moved back to West Sussex and were living in a small village near the town of Littlehampton. It’s fair to say that she’s moved around a lot, as she’s also lived in London and the midlands, before eventually finding her way back to Sussex.

Fiction has always been Stacey’s passion, and she began by writing in the fantasy genre when she was in her mid-teens. Unfortunately, her first work was lost to a computer malfunction in the days of the floppy disk, and she was left with only a few scant chapters remaining of this first book. To this day it is an ambition of hers to re-start and finish that first piece, but her horror writing is her primary focus.

Stacey was introduced to the world of horror at a young age thanks to the likes of R.L Stine, and then the accidental viewing of one of the halloween series at the age of 8 years old. She instantly developed a taste for horror and has never looked back. An avid reader of horror fiction, and watcher of horror films, she was introduced to the world of more adult horror writing by her mother lending her a copy of The Magic Cottage by James Herbert. After that fateful reading she avidly sought out his work, and he remains one of her favourite authors. Stacey also enjoys the writings of Dean Koontz, Richard Laymon and Stephen King.

Primarily interested in supernatural horror, Stacey has a real love for ‘creature feature’ style books and films. She greatly enjoys blending the unreal elements of this type of writing with real human horrors, which ground the supernatural elements of her literature. She also enjoys tackling taboo subject matter, and including day to day realisms in her writing to keep her stories and characters relatable despite the fantasy elements.

Not only is Stacey an author, but also a keen animal lover, artist and cancer survivor. She has a passion for unusual animals and is especially fond of hairless pets. She was on the committee of the UK xoloitzcuintli club for years, and she has written for their newsletter and designed their breed club logo! She enjoys painting various subjects in various mediums and also likes to craft. She was diagnosed with cervical cancer and then treated in 2013, and is now thankfully in remission. One of her biggest wishes is to use her talent as a writer to earn money to donate to the hospital where she was treated. She cannot thank the Royal Marsden enough for giving her a second chance at life, they do a wonderful job and they do not get nearly enough recognition for the sheer volume of lives they change every day.