Blaise Ramsay || Interview With a Werewolf

What got you into werewolves and how old were you when you discovered them?

My interest in werewolves actually occurred when I was older. I am a huge fan if the Underworld movie series and in my twenties, watching Van Helsing with Hugh Jackman became a yearly tradition on Halloween for my sister and I.

Prior to those movies, I had some experience with them through watching various cartoons. One that comes to mind would be the episode of Road Rovers where Colleen gets scratched by a werewolf and changes with the full moon.

 Do you share the same love of other types of shapeshifters?

Yes. I have every bit of love for wererats, wereboars and of course, my absolute favorite, the werebear. The hobbit ignited a passion for werebears.

What do you think it is that attracts you to werewolves?

Honestly I think I was more attached to telling the novel’s story from the lycan point of view because it’s not one you see too often.

More often than not, the story revolves around the main character falling for the vampire. Werewolves and lycans don’t seem to get as much publicity.

Do you prefer a gory werewolf tale or a more serene, nature loving version?

Well in my novel, there are actually two versions. The lycan which is a serene race and the werewolf which is the embodiment of the corruption by the dark god. I prefer both based on the needs of the novel.

 What does the ideal werewolf look like in your opinion? Give some Cinematic examples if you have any.

Honestly, I think I described what I viewed them as in Blessing of Luna. The lycans in the novel are beyond beautiful in their human forms. The ideal look an avid romance reader would have for a lycan male. For example, Alexander Kain is probably one of the most popular characters among my beta readers. He’s described as being tall, broad shoulders with copper skin and dirty blonde hair. Gabriel is slightly shorter and holds a more European look with dark hair. Jillian is described as being fair skinned with long raven hair that gives off blue highlights when it’s hit by the sun. To me that is a lycan. Something beautiful and capable of acting human even in their beast forms.
A semi-good example of this would be Van Helsing from the movie, Van Helsing with Hugh Jackman. He’s somewhat capable of maintaining control during his fight with Dracula and exhibits sorrow when he accidentally kills Kate Beckinsale’s character.
Werewolves in the world of the wolfgods are the result of the dark god’s shadow falling on a lycan. Dementing them and making them more like bloodthirsty beasts with nothing more than a feral desire to kill. They often crawl on their hands and feet with high pitched shrieks for howls. Something that could come close are the werewolves from Underworld after a human is bitten by the movie’s version of a lycan. They aren’t able to change and often do nothing more than kill.

What should a werewolf NOT look like in your opinion?

I think the most disappointing depictions I’ve seen of a werewolf are the older movies where they looked more man than wolf. This to me would be classified as a “wolf-man”. In order to classify as a werewolf, more wolf-like features should have emphasis put on them.
Others I’ve seen would be where the werewolf resembles more of what someone would picture a goblin. An example of this, at least in my opinion could be seen in the case of Remus Lupin in the Harry Potter movies. While I appreciated the aspect of the uncontrollable shifter and beast-like nature, my brain just didn’t connect the concept art design as a “were-wolf”. It reminded me of Gollum from Lord of the Rings.

Give a cinematic example of a werewolf that didn’t quite meet your expectations.

Hmm, there have been quite a few to be honest.
The Wolfman and Harry Potter for sure. To an extent, Underworld was kind of a let down only because in the first movie, their heads looked rubber to me.
Silverbullet by Stephen King was a let down because I didn’t see more of the werewolf.
Otherwise, I’d like to see more of them look like the werewolves from Van Helsing. Those are some of the best renditions I’ve seen.

Stepping away from the cinematic side of things, what is your favourite werewolf novel and why?

That would have to be Blood and Chocolate by Annette Curtis-Klause. I just love the aesthetic and honestly i like the way she changed the usual trope of a human/paranormal relationship.
The main character, Vivian is very distraught with her life as a werewolf so she finds a human named Aidan and begins having a relationship with him only to find he wasn’t as loyal as she thought.
She returns to her pack and falls in love with the young alpha.
It changes the whole trope and turns it around. A unique take on a common theme.
It also introduces a strong female lead which is what I tried to do with Jill. The female actually has to pursue the male. Something i would like to see more of in literature.

Back to cinema, what is your favourite werewolf film?

Van Helsing, hands down. Every year at Halloween, my husband and I make it a point to watch Van Helsing with all of the lights off. It has been a tradition I’ve had since before marrying my husband. My sister and I did it. This makes the movie special to me.

Do you have any werewolf related songs to recommend?

Oh gosh, Powerwolf is my go to band for anything werewolf/lycanthrope. They are on both playlists for both books in the Wolfgods series.

Do you have a particular favourite werewolf artist, what is it about their art that you love?

I can’t really say I have a favorite werewolf artist but I do have a favorite creature designer or two. Brett Bean has always been a favorite. He’s done many different designs for various clients. Doug Chiang is a favorite responsible for designing multiple creatures for many different movies such as Disney’s Christmas Carol.
I hope that somewhat answers your question. Lol.

What do you think of the way representation of werewolves has changed over the years? (In both literature and cinema.)

I think with the birth of CG, the way we look at werewolves has changed dramatically from the days of the rubber wolf suit.
Now we are able to bring them to life by animating them with more wolf-like features and behaviors to make them more believable.
In both literature and cinema we have turned them from monsters and nightmarish creatures to more romanticized lovers often associated with good looking men or women.
Take for example, Twilight never really calls them werewolves but we get the general gist of it. They are personified as beautiful guardians rather than nightmarish terrors.
Too often though, do I think we ignore lycanthropy in and of itself. The term werewolf was developed to personified a brutal monster while lycanthropes are often meant to be able to hold onto their humanity. This is something I tried to separate when writing Blessing of Luna. I wanted to bring to light the difference between a lycanthrope and a werewolf.

Tell me something that makes the werewolves in your works unique. What makes them special?

What makes Blessing of Luna special, I think, is that it’s primary focus isn’t really on the lycan aspect of the story. The werewolves are different because they are the result of the dark god’s shadow falling over the children of Tenebris. The real war isn’t really with the vampires and the lycans. It’s about revenge. A twisted love triangle begun way before the birth of either race.
As the series progresses, the reader will come to learn that neither race wants war anymore. They fall in love with each other, have children and live in overall peace. It is the vindictiveness of the dark god that becomes the real enemy.

 What are you other passions within the horror genre or out of it?

I’d have to say horror has always been a favorite of mine. I am an avid reader of Stephen King’s work and a Halloween nut. It is my favorite time of year. I love the suspense. The edge of your seat moments and constant plot twists. Plus it makes for great dates. Haha. I’m a lover of zombies. Resident Evil and Doom are two of my favorite games. I’m also a huge Five Nights at Freddys fan. There’s just something very appealing about horror. I hope to write one of my own one day.

Tell me about your most recent werewolf related work.

To answer your question, my most recent work isn’t really a “werewolf” work. It’s focused on lycanthropes. The series is called the Wolfgods and it’s primary focus is less on the supernatural aspect. Rather I bring in the mythological with the focus on a primary character and their relationship with said god or goddess. I really don’t focus on the “wolf” aspect as we’ve mentioned but rather the humanoid part of them. As the series progresses, the reader begins to realize that they’re being directed towards the main villain which happens to be a very angry god who wants revenge on his brother for marrying Luna, the goddess of the moon.
The poor lycans are just caught in the middle of a twisted love triangle and it’s tearing the very fabric of harmony apart.

 Who is your favourite character within your own work and why?

That would happen to be Alexander Kain. He holds a special place in my heart because he is a mix of twin brothers from my biker romance on temporary hold. He is a very prominent figure in the series and is the mentor to Damien in book one. The two quickly form a bond and get as close as brothers.
His family is also a well known family in the Blood Wars. The gods, especially Luna favor the Kain line and often does all in her power to keep them from dying out. He’s great fun to write and all in all, if I was honest, he’s good looking. Lol.


Do you have any big upcoming plans relating to werewolves? Any new works on the way?

I do indeed. The Wolfgods series has a total of four books in it, each dedicated to a different god or goddess with an affiliation to that character. It will all take place in the same universe. At the end of this year, we will be launching a new series that will run alongside Wolfgods with alternating releases. It is a science fantasy and promises to be just as exhilarating for those who prefer other genres. We find that will benefit the company better to have a wider appeal.

Will you be available to meet other werewolf lover and fans in the near future, are you doing any outings or signings, or attending any conventions?

I am actually doing signings literally almost every month this year. Mostly in the Dallas/Fort Worth, Frisco and Denton areas. I have books available for signing and would love to meet more folks who are fans of the genre.
For more information on appearances, I would recommend everyone to check out fyresydepublishing
It is updated almost daily with new locations.

Do you have any places online where other werewolf fans can contact you to discuss your work or anything lycanthropy related?

The best way to reach me is either via email or at fyresydepublishing
I love to hear from my readers. They can quiz me, chat, etc. I’ve even been known to comment on other’s work. We welcome guest blog posts, though we do check quality and are mostly Indie focused.
Hearing from fans is always welcome and encouraged! I usually reply on a daily basis as quickly as possible!

Vampires and zombies have both become seriously popular within the horror genre in movies, do you think that as technology continues to improve werewolves will eventually reach the same kind of status? 

Honestly no, I don’t see werewolves getting the same hype. The trends in the young adult genre are shifting towards the fae, magic, post-apocalpytic and dystopian. Vampires have long been the idea of the perfect mystery lover because of what they do to survive. They can only come out at night and usually have the heir of chivalry. Zombies create tension and test the human condition. Perfect conditions for strained and desperate romance. It saddens me but as the Wolfgods series progresses, I hope to see more lycan romance in the future.

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