Koda Greymane || Interview with a werewolf

What got you into werewolves and how old were you when you discovered them?   

Well, when I was 5 I was looking through my dad’s VCR collection and I saw that he had Frankenstein vs the Wolfman, so I watched it. That was my first movie with werewolves and it was the first black and white movie that I had ever seen.

Do you share the same love of other types of shapeshifters?    

I do like other shapeshifters, I read some books with werecats. I do prefer werewolves though, I think they’re cooler. Plus they get a lot more media attention.

What do you think it is that attracts you to werewolves?

In terms of what attracts me to werewolves, I always liked that when they’re wolves they’re more free and natural, whereas human life is so structured and stressful. Plus I just really like wolves lol. But I like that some embrace the beast, some don’t, and it’s an interesting struggle between human nature and animal nature

Do you prefer a gory werewolf tale or a more serene, nature loving version? 

I like gory werewolf tales. I thought it was always cool that they lost control. But I also like a more serene version too. I’ve always liked the movies with the werewolf hunters chasing after the werewolf that’s causing havoc. Though I want the werewolf to live. xD

What does the ideal werewolf look like in your opinion? Give some Cinematic examples if you have any.

The werewolves in Van Helsing were awesome. Even though I prefer actual shifting transformations instead of skin-shredding ones, the werewolves in Van Helsing actually looked like wolves at least. I like feral werewolves, but I’m much more a fan of anthropomorphic werewolves that still have the face of a wolf. Their ears were a bit pointier than regular wolf ears, but they still were the best werewolves in my opinion.

What should a werewolf NOT look like in your opinion? 

I really don’t like it when the werewolves don’t even look like wolves, and they just look like hairy people. The wolfman is pretty much the most accurate to actual people since there’s a disease where their whole face is super hairy, but I don’t count that as a werewolf. Wolfman, sure, because they’re really hairy, but not a werewolf. I like it when someone actually changes into a werewolf instead of someone who needs a good shave. That being said, I really like the wolfman movies and I understand that they were working with what they had, but I’m much of a bigger fan of werewolves that go through a significant physical change. Makes it more dramatic. :p

Give a cinematic example of a werewolf that didn’t quite meet your expectations.

I wasn’t really expecting Professor Lupin to be all bald in The Prisoner of Azkaban, I wasn’t disappointed, but I definitely wasn’t expecting it. I’d think that if your body is going through the trouble of shifting into a wolf that it could sprout some hair too, but I guess he didn’t want to. xD

Stepping away from the cinematic side of things, what is your favourite werewolf novel and why?

The Cycle of the Werewolf is my favorite, especially because it was the first Stephen King book that I’ve read. Since then I’ve read 51 Stephen King books xD but The Cycle of the Werewolf was a very interesting concept and I loved the story. I have yet to watch the movie that they made off of it, I’m pretty sure that it’s called Silver Bullet.

Back to cinema, what is your favourite werewolf film?

Cursed is my favorite. There are some pretty funny parts to it.

Do you have any werewolf related songs to recommend?

Werewolves of London. xD

Do you have a particular favourite werewolf artist, what is it about their art that you love?

I really like jdl_werewolf on twitter, he does Ask the Werewolves and I love that web Comic.

What do you think of the way representation of werewolves has changed over the years? (In both literature and cinema.)

I feel like werewolves now are more represented as more stable and in control creatures, such as in Teen Wolf, Twilight, etc. I like that they can control their changes but I do enjoy the classic werewolf that mauls everyone. xD

Tell me something that makes the werewolves in your works unique. What makes them special?

The werewolves in my own works can control their own shifts, but I like the idea that the first shift as well as the full moon make them unable to control their primal instincts. There are other aspects of werewolf myths that I’d like to play around with too.

What are your other passions within the horror genre or out of it?

I’m a big fan of zombies and ghost stories too. Vampires are cool but I still like werewolves better xD I think it would be fun actually to do several monster movies with my friends, right now we’re actually working on doing a werewolf movie. But I think it would be fun to do some ghost and zombie movies as well, I’ve always enjoyed those movies. Plus I’m good with zombie makeup. xD

 Tell me about your most recent werewolf related work.

I’m doing a movie called The Totem with a bunch of my friends, it’s an improv comedy-horror movie. I have a storyboard laid out and we’re scripting now, but we’ll be mainly working with as little details as possible for scenes so that we can have the most natural scenes possible (my friends aren’t pro actors xD plus I like improv a lot).
I’ve got a twitter page up for it but haven’t been active as much since we’re getting everything together. The transformation in my movie is actually triggered by an ancient wolf totem that the main character finds, which works out great cause I have a handmade wolf totem from a Native American guy from Alaska who’s gotten his totems into history museums as well as the Smithsonian. So the prop is pretty legit, though I don’t plan on doing any rough housing with it cause I like it! But I plan on raising some funds and then filming the movie, I want to try to get enough to afford a professional video camera. We’ve gotten some footage for the trailer and I’m working with one of my friends on making an original soundtrack for the movie, and one of those songs will be in the trailer.

Who is your favourite character within your own work and why?

I think my character is my favorite because 1. I can relate to him cause it’s pretty much my personality and 2. He’s a werewolf. xD

Do you have any big upcoming plans relating to werewolves? Any new works on the way?

I plan on making The Totem into a book actually :3 I might also go back and refine the quick sketches for the storyboard and make that into a webcomic/web graphic novel.

Will you be available to meet other werewolf lovers and fans in the near future, are you doing any outings or signings, or attending any conventions?

I’ll be going to Fur Reality and Midwest Fur Fest this year on Sep 20th. I do furmeets in costume as well, when we get the movie made I might get a booth at a con and try to sell some blu-Ray and DVD copies of it. :p​

Do you have any places online where other werewolf fans can contact you to discuss your work or anything lycanthropy related?

I’ve got an FA, twitter, Facebook, instagram, Tumblr and several other (probably) media handles where people can talk to me. Including telegram! I love telegram!

Vampires and zombies have both become seriously popular within the horror genre in movies, do you think that as technology continues to improve werewolves will eventually reach the same kind of status? 

Hopefully it does. I still think that traditional monsters are really cool, but I’d like to see a good mix between good CGI and traditional costumes. Like the actor still has a suit to help create a better physical texture, but then they work from that to create good facial movements, etc. If they can completely CGI someone and make them look extremely realistic, then I’d be all for that lol. I think that if the werewolves look good, then they’ll definitely be more popularized.