Lykanos Wulfheart || Interview With a Werewolf

What got you into werewolves and how old were you when you discovered them?
I’ve been into werewolves for as long as I can remember. It was likely when I was six or seven. Thinking back, my first real interaction would likely have been the NES game “Werewolf”, though I’ve always had an affinity for lycanthropy.

Do you share the same love for other types of shapeshifters?
While my primary love is by far werewolves, I also share a passion for the lore behind kitsune and other shapeshifters with a definite preference towards canines.

What do you think it is that attracts you to werewolves?
This question nagged at me up until college when I think I figured it out. I’d always had a close connection to canines, grew up with dogs, and even knew how to read their dispositions. However, what I came to realize is that I felt more like I was a wolf in mind and soul trapped in a human form. So, for me it’s more a way for the body to match the spirit. Something to connect my inner canine with my outer human.

Do you prefer a gory werewolf tale or a more serene, nature loving version?
I think both have their place, but my preference is more the werewolves that are one with nature. The “mindless rage-beast” has been so overdone in media and, like I mentioned before, my draw is more to the combination of wolf and man than the struggle with rage, hatred, and power.

What does the ideal werewolf look like in your opinion? Give some Cinematic examples if you have any.
I prefer the more-wolf-than-man style with the wolfen head but still able to go bipedal. One of my favorite werewolf designs came from “Dog Soldiers”, where they very much stuck to that shape. Another good design, while CG, came from “Goosebumps”. While lacking a tail, the anatomy of their monster was very well done. Another similar one was from “Van Helsing”. Despite the jackal ears and lack of tail, the shape of the body and muzzle were amazing.

What should a werewolf NOT look like in your opinion?
The design I dislike is the “hairy human” motif. It’s very much a waste to me since I like the more primal appearance. On top of that, it’s more based on a genetic hair condition, hypertrichosis. While it is easier to show off in movies due to the lack of bulky prosthetics, I much prefer to see more wolf in my werewolves.


Give a cinematic example of a werewolf that didn’t quite meet your expectations.
In Harry Potter, when Professor Lupin transformed, it was really underwhelming. The design was more like a sickly, hairless wererat. Furthermore, he was easily outdone by two fleeing children, which only added further insult to this sorry shifter.

Stepping away from the cinematic side of things, what is your favourite werewolf novel and why?
I’ve fallen in love with Patricia Briggs’ “Alpha and Omega” series. The characters are believably diverse, the werewolves are well done and the ideas behind the lore are believable. Plus, it adds in other mythical creatures in a very smart way.


 Back to cinema, what is your favourite werewolf film?
My favorite werewolf film has to be “Dog Soldiers”, paws down. It has one of my favorite werewolf designs, has a very well written story, and enough comedy mixed in to keep things entertaining as well as thrilling. On top of that, the characters make smart, tactical decisions instead of the ditsy clichés we’ve come to expect (and regret) in the werewolf genre.


Do you have any werewolf related songs to recommend?
Tons. Most of the songs by Powerwolf are very werewolf-centric and have a great beat. “Curse of the Werewolf” and “Return of the Werewolf” by Timeless Miracle are both great. “Of Wolf and Man” by Metallica is amazing. “Full Moon” by Sonata Artica and “The Howling” by Withing Temptaion are also good choices. Stretching just a little further, Disturbed has “Monster”, “The Curse”, “The Night”, and “The infection”, which could be taken in a werewolfy way. The same goes for “Monster” by Skillet, “Animal I have Become” by Three Days Grace, “Love Bites” by Halestorm, and “7 Days to the Wolves” by Nightwish. Rock and metal have a lot of wolfy and primal songs, and I love the energy in these genres.

Do you have a particular favourite werewolf artist, what is it about their art that you love?
I’ve always been a fan of Goldenwolf, Dark Natasha, and similar artists that focus on realism with a slant toward the wolfy side of bipedal werewolves. Plus, they tend to put their werewolves in more natural situations as opposed to the mindless rawr-beast stereotype.


What do you think of the way representation of werewolves has changed over the years? (In both literature and cinema.)
It’s a bit of a double-edged sword. With werewolves becoming more common and romance-based, there’s a huge divide between the Hollywood mindless monster and the newer lycanthropic Casanova. Both have been sort of overused and the clichés have started to choke the franchise. The middle ground tends to make for a good story. However, the lack of good transformations with modern prosthetics and CGI is a bit disheartening. We really need some good werewolf movies to rekindle the hype.

Tell me something that makes the werewolves in your works unique. What makes them special?
I wouldn’t say they’re special as much as several of my werewolves have just been average people dealing with their conditions. In “Junkyard Werewolf”, you have one that goes full wolf every night, so he doubles as a guard dog. In my little series “Everyday Adventures of a Work-At-Home Werewolf”, you have a guy just trying to keep it together under the stresses of everyday life. Then again, in “Pull of the Moon”, you have an astronaut accidentally killing his friends as he desperately tries to plead with them to keep everyone safe… albeit unsuccessfully.


What are your other passions within the horror genre or out of it?
Aside from werewolves, I love to work with various transformation scenarios, some terrifying and some more welcomed. I’m also a fan of space and high fantasy, though I haven’t had a lot of chances to dabble in the latter yet.


Tell me about your most recent werewolf related work.

That would likely be “Café Garou”. It was a commission for a friend where society had legalized lycanthropy and the canine community had discovered a way to distill their venom into a temporary transformative. My character, a natural werewolf, lived near one of these shops and took one of his friends, a long-time transformation lover who was still shocked to learn his friend was a lycanthrope, to get a coffee containing this additive. It was fun to do a casual werewolf story with a happy bit of shock and awe.

Who is your favourite character within your own work and why?
The obvious answer would be Lykanos since he -is- me. Beyond that, I love writing about Bill and Abby in my little series “Everyday Adventures of a Work-At-Home Werewolf”. Bill is a laidback computer-programming werewolf who always seems to get caught up in stressful situations. His wife, Abby, is a kind-hearted human with a sweet personality, standing by her lycanthropic lover in his times of need. I think I admire the love they share and the comedic drama within their lives. It’s fun to get to do slice-of-life pieces revolving around the werewolf-human dynamic of everyday life.


Do you have any big upcoming plans relating to werewolves? Any new works on the way?
There will always be the little werewolf short story or commission here and there, but I really want to write a novel with the hopes of making it a trilogy. The idea is there… I just need to stop goofing around and actually do it.


Will you be available to meet other werewolf lovers and fans in the near future? Are you doing any outings or signings, or attending any conventions?
If you want to find me in person, I’ve been doing panels at some of the furry conventions within the Midwest. You can usually find me at Furry Migration, Midwest Furfest, FurSquared, and Indy Furcon. With a lack of proper werewolf conventions, the furry fandom seems to be a good place for lycanthropes to gather.


Do you have any places online where other werewolf fans can contact you to discuss your work or anything lycanthropy related?
I’m always available to chat online, either on Twitter @Lykanos_Wulf or on Telegram under “Lykanos Wulfheart”. As for my work, it can be found on both FurAffinity and SoFurry under “Lykanos”.


Vampires and zombies have both become seriously popular within the horror genre in movies, do you think that as technology continues to improve werewolves will eventually reach the same kind of status?
I really hope so… but I fear that won’t happen until we come up with some fresh ideas (but not like Twilight). Anymore, werewolves seem to either hit the raging killer trope or the romantic drama trope. While still fun and potentially viable, I’d love to see werewolves evolve beyond these two stereotypes or at least use them to enhance a better plot. I’m really hoping that the “An American Werewolf in London” remake will serve to get people excited in werewolves again. If it impresses fans, who knows what that inspiration will bring in the future. Still, I’m excited to see where lycanthropy will take us!

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