Old Stinker || Interview with a werewolf

Do you have any interest in other types of shapeshifters?

Werecows are hilarious! XD

I’ve never met one but I bet they don’t brag about their special abilities to efficiently digest grass.

What do you think it is about werewolves that appeals so much to creatives? (writers, directors, artists, etc)

I think that we provide that grain of sand on which to build a pearl and nobody can tell you that your interpretation is incorrect, as nobody else knows (or at least nobody that is going to admit it). We can be good or evil, young or ancient or any mix you like, and let’s not forget that we are also totally awesome.

You creative types are also generally more open minded and inquisitive then regular folk and you would be happy to discover something unknown that other people would find disturbing simply because it is unfamiliar.

When it comes to films and books, do you prefer a gory werewolf tale or a more serene, nature loving version? Which end of the spectrum do you feel is closer to the truth?

I prefer the nature loving version, nature is the nearest thing that I have to religion, having said that sometimes everyone likes a horror film. I view werewolf movies as entertainment so I don’t really mind how we are portrayed, the characters are fictional so how they act does not really concern me.

I’m stood under a tree in the rain as I type, I do like the outdoors.

Describe the physical appearance of a typical werewolf, if it is possible to generalise like that? Give some Cinematic examples that come close if you can think of any.

I got lost down the google rabbit hole trying to find a film werewolf that was something like realistic, I now need to watch Bubba the red neck Werewolf. Werewolves have a greater physical variety than you might expect. We can, over a great number of transformations, influence our “wolf” form. With regards to my appearance I’ll be nice and vague but if you took the Harry Potter werewolf and feed it a shed full of pizza and steroids then you would not be to far out. Don’t do drugs readers! (They will make you taste funny)

What common werewolf interpretations in the media are furthest from the truth? (eg: ‘sideburns werewolves’ that just sprout a bit of fur and teeth, or werewolves that morph into large wolves almost magically etc etc…)

We live for an incredibly long time in comparison to humans and as you humans have changed, growing taller and fatter, we have had to adapt to match, these changes can be achieved be tiny changes each time we transform. As we need to camouflage with the human population the change to be generally bigger has allowed us to get bigger and thus we are bigger in both our forms.

Can you give an example of a cinematic representation that falls far short of reality, or would you like to skip that question? 🙂

The sideburns werewolf is nearer to the mark than the magic wolf, we go through a sideburns stage as we change but we never get close to turning into a full wolf. Personally I think I resemble a bear more than a wolf. Most Werewolves in films are a showcase of how much money they have to spend on special effects rather than an attempt to be realistic or they have specific physical features that suits the plot line.

Stepping away from the cinematic side of things, what is your favourite werewolf novel and why, if you have one?

This may be an unpopular answer but I don’t read fiction.

Back to cinema, what is your favourite werewolf film?

Dog Soldiers is probably my favourite, the last one I watched was Wolfcop and that was so bad it was good.

Do you have any werewolf related songs to recommend?

Werewolf’s Eyes is a bit of an odd favourite of mine, other than that is the usual suspects, Blue Moon, Werewolves of London and Bad Moon Rising.

Do you have a particular favourite werewolf artist? What is it about their art that you love?

My taste in art is rather transient and is reflective of my mood, I don’t really have a favourite artist but I generally prefer minimalist line drawings (if that’s even a thing.)

What do you think of the way werewolves are portrayed in the media?

Traditional media don’t know what to do with us, they like the easy stories that are handed to them on occasion by sightings but they don’t want to be accused of actually believing in Werewolves. Social media has increased the reporting and allowed like minded people to find each other but fortunately for us the general consensus is that we don’t exist. Paradoxically the widespread belief that we don’t exist is one of the main reasons that we still do.

Werewolf stories in the traditional media are normally stories about the witnesses rather than the werewolf so I’d say that we are not portrayed in the traditional media at all.

Tell me something about werewolves that the average person is unlikely to know. Even a small thing.

We prefer to hunt on nights when there is no moon, the darker the better for us.

What are you passionate about in human form or when transformed, or both? Popular media would have us believe werewolves are all about bloodlust and regret, which I think is a horrible over-simplification!

For me my priorities are family first then the natural world, the only difference is that when I’ve transformed I tend to eat some of the local wildlife, some people can’t understand how you can love nature and also love the taste but for me it’s about respecting the natural balance. Predators eat prey, problems occur when the balance is thrown out. With regards to bloodlust, every werewolf is different but provided that I don’t try to suppress all my natural instincts then I don’t have any problems. I hunt much more than I kill which satisfies my primal requirements. I don’t regret anything, what is the point? what is done is done. I’ve lived a long time and I’ve done lots of things that I would do differently if I had my time again but I’ve moved on and I try to enjoy life the best I can. As far as I understand werewolf emotions are very similar to human emotions but I believe we go off gut instinct more and try not to overanalyse ourselves.

Can you tell me more about family life as a werewolf? Are things more complex for you?

Family is very important to us, as we spend most of our time among humans hiding who we really are having someone you can be yourself is massively important. We can build true friendships with humans but you always enter into these friendships knowing that they can only last a few years due to the differences in how we age. To be able to run free with your family is the most joyous thing I know. There is nothing that I would not do to protect and provide for my family.

Do you have a favourite werewolf character from either films or television? Why? Are there any that remind you of yourself?

I don’t really have a favourite character, the characters tend to be focused around the struggle of a human who changes into a werewolf form rather than the other way around. I don’t relate closely with any film character, if any film was based on my day to day life it would not be a massive bore fest. I suppose the mutants in the X-men are relatable as they hid their real selves from the world for their own, and everyone’s protection.

Are there many other werewolves in the uk that you are aware of? Is social interaction common between you?

There are about a dozen others that are resident, we used to be much more common but many moved to the “New World” to establish new territories in the untouched (at the time) wilderness. I stayed in Yorkshire. Social interaction is uncommon outside immediate family, not that we are antisocial but we are well spread out and we don’t like to use any electronic communication between us as if the worst happens and one of us is discovered we don’t want a trail to others.

Would you say that you attempt to avoid contact in person for the same reasons? Would you ever reveal your secret to a non-werewolf in the ‘real world’ or would that level of trust not be possible?

I don’t avoid contract in person so much as the real world is much harder to trace, providing you don’t hang around in CCTV rich areas. I have never deliberately identified myself as a werewolf to anyone, that would place a massive amount of stress on that person. Having to keep a life or death secret for the rest of your life would be too much to ask. A long time ago I have needed to show my wolf side ( to preserve my and my neighbours lives) it didn’t end well, whilst my actions saved them they still had to come to terms with the fact that their friend was a “fucking great big monster” and that scared them. If I had stayed around I would have come down to them or me so I disappeared.

Are there any other cases of werewolf sightings, in the UK or abroad, that you know to be true? Which ones if so? When exposure like this happens, is it a case of ‘nobody will believe it anyway, so why bother worrying’ or is it more of a concern than that as a general rule?

I can’t confirm or deny which sighting I know to be true. The fact that the main stream media still don’t take sightings seriously is still a massive help, there will be people reading this who won’t believe that I’m real, and I may not be! Doubt is vital, camera phones, go pros and CCTV could take away doubt in an instant, Twitter etc could show the whole world In a matter of hours what we have been hiding for millennia. Ever time we are spotted is a concern for this reason, if someone caught me on camera I would have to secure the image, it could get unpleasant very quickly. A top tip for your readers is if you do see a werewolf try to enjoy the experience, it probably won’t eat you but don’t point a camera at it.

Do you think werewolves get a particularly bad rap compared to other characters often seen in horror, eg: vampires, bigfoot etc…? Or do you think that in more recent times attitudes and representations have softened? Are you offended by how werewolves are portrayed in films, artwork and books at all?

All characters are a function of the genre they serve, a werewolf in a horror story has to have horrific qualities. I’m not aware of any film that claims to be a realistic portrait of what it’s like to be a werewolf, fiction is fiction and if you don’t like it don’t consume it. Werewolves have moved away from just being a horror character, the Twilight series have manipulated the werewolf to be something different and there is even a kids TV series called Wolfblood. The trend for the “Magical Wolf” transformation has changed the beast into a beauty. The recent media trends have also done away with the mindless killing machine aspect of the werewolf, this is a welcome development as far as I’m concerned as it was the one aspect of how Werewolves are/were portrayed that annoys me. If we lost all intelligence when we changed we would have gone extinct a long time ago. Hotel Transylvania took all horror characters and spun them around with great effect, they were not the first to do this of course but every now and then a positive werewolf character appears.

Is there anything you’d like to say to the people reading this?

Hopefully you understand werewolves a little bit better than before you read this, I’ve tried to be as honest as I could without actually telling you anything!


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